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Yemenite Quarter and Carmel Market

The neighborhood I’ve lived in most of the time I’ve been here is called the Yemenite Quarter. It was built by immigrants from Yemen early in the 20th century, little one and two-storey boxes of buildings stacked against and on top of each other. My place was on the second floor so I had a view of the rooftops, which were their own ecosystem, with improvised balconies and turret-like additions and dubious electrical work. 



The narrow bricked streets spread out like capillaries from the the Carmel Market, the souk of all souks in Israel. Besides the mounds of veggies, fruits, olives and spices, you can now find food counters and little bars, including one that sells Israeli craft beer. The quarter is a good place to get drunk, which can happen pretty easily in Tel Aviv, as bartenders have a habit of offering “chasers” periodically. Word to the wise, this is what they call a straight shot of alcohol.

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